Implementation of on your site

How to implement uses a postprocessing approach to making your site faster, which means that you keep your existing platform (e.g. WordPress). Whatever pages created by that platform will then be optimised before they reach the visitor. Implementation is done by adding between your existing site and your domain, as described below.

1. Enter canonical URL

You provide the site's canonical URL, e.g. This is the URL produced by your platform, not the URL used by your customers.

Unsure about your canonical URL? Check your DNS settings. There should be an A-record or CNAME pointing to it.

2. Preview will produce a preview URL, e.g. This is a faster version of your site but contains the same content and functionality. The purpose of this URL is testing.

3. Change your DNS settings

When ready to go live, point your domain to the IP provided by

This is done by adding an A record with the value, which is the IP for the Vercel network used by to deliver your pages to your visitors.