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Avg. mobile performance score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

-2 sec

Avg. loading time on mobile devices.


Avg. loading time improvement on mobile devices.

How makes your site load faster

Making a website fast for users is about prioritizing the display of content. Transferring the files fast isn't enough. The pixels need to show up on the screen in an order that makes sense for a human being, not a machine.

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes each and everyone of your pages. It figures out how to intelligently load each page with speed in mind. New and optimized versions of each page are then created and delivered to your users.

How speed is measured improves your Core Web Vitals, which are Google's way of measuring the speed of websites. These metrics can be tracked in both Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed Insights.


Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) marks the point in the page load timeline when the page's main content has likely loaded.


First Input Delay (FID) quantifies the experience users feel when trying to interact with unresponsive pages.

Visual stability

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) helps quantify how often users experience unexpected layout shifts.

How to implement

Making your site faster with takes minutes.


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Add to your site

Make your pages load faster today without lengthy development projects. is easy to implement and works with any site.

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